Let me introduce myself,

I’d like to share a little of myself with you in the hopes that we will build a genuine and comfortable connection. 

I am a very open person and I treasure the connections I make with others. I’m deeply passionate and lust after intimacy of the body & mind. In my opinion, the best orgasms begin by stoking the imagination and my imagination knows no bounds. Imagination and creativity are deeply rooted in my being. I enjoy expressing myself through the arts. I paint; watercolour, oil & acrylic and am particularly fond of the impressionist style of Monet and Renoir. I enjoy singing and dance and spent my youth participating in as many musicals and concerts as my legs and lungs would allow. 

I am college educated and hope to return to school in the future to pursue other areas of interest. I’ve had a successful and very rewarding career in health care and have now become a successful business owner and entrepreneur. 

While I could talk endlessly about art, history and psychology, I would love to hear your story, learn about something new and soak it all in like a sponge. My eagerness to continue learning is never ending and my love of storytelling or hearing of others adventures can not be satiated. 

But I’m not all work and no play!

I’m a naturally submissive, girl next door type, with quick wit and a dirty mind. I believe “lady in the streets, freak in the sheets” basically sums it up. I might challenge you intellectually, but intimately; I’ll let you take charge. 


I am many things, but boring is not one of them. Let’s plan our first date and see what kind of memories we can make!

Try Something Different
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