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Booking Policies & Etiquette 

Everything you need to know before your date.

When booking, please review all of my policies below  and consideration info before filling out the contact form.

If you are a new client, you must complete the booking form in order to book an appointment. No screening/booking form = no appointment.

If you are a returning client, you may bypass the screening requirements and book your appointment with me directly via email. Please remember to include the date/time & length of your requested booking.


Deposits are mandatory to secure your appointment. Once a deposit is made, your date is secured in my calendar. I will always get in touch at least 24 hours before our scheduled date to remind/confirm there has been no change in plans etc.


All Companionship dates over 4 hours must include at least 50% social time as well as food & drinks. This social time can be in the privacy of my incall or we can arrange to go out and have a meal or drinks before or after our private time together.

Extended Dates

Upon arrival, please leave the consideration on the dining table/kitchen counter or in plain view. You may use a plain envelope, book or card to keep the consideration in. If you have made an online deposit, this amount will be deducted from the consideration.


*Please note, I do not "make change". Please come prepared with the correct amount.


Deposits are mandatory and non refundable (in most circumstances).

Your deposit secures your date in my calendar.

Because I have a 2 hour round trip to my incall, I now require deposits for all bookings in order to ensure I am not wasting this travel time/gas by coming into Ottawa to meet with you.

Deposits can be made via:

  • e-transfer

  • PayPal

  • Wishtender

I do not accept gift cards or do in person meets to collect a deposit.

For bookings under 3 hours = 100$

For bookings 3 hours or more = 50%

Social Dates = 50%

FMTY = 50%

All online services (video chat, custom content, texting sessions) require full payment before service begins.


Showers upon arrival are mandatory.

Please clean your hands thoroughly, bacteria hides under your fingernails!

Mouthwash is available, please use it!


I reserve the right to cancel our appointment if your hygiene is not satisfactory.


I understand life happens, people get sick, work gets in the way or family obligations trump our best laid plans for fun. I appreciate your understanding that when I set aside time in my calendar I can not make up for last minute/short notice cancellations and this directly impacts my income.

If you need to cancel our date I require 48 hours notice. 

If you do not provide a minimum 48 hours notice, I require a 50% cancellation fee in order to cover my loss of income/expenses incurred due to travel/gas etc.

If you are a "no call/no show", you will be required to pay the booking in full as well as a 50% deposit in order to re-book a future date with me. 

If I need to cancel or reschedule our appointment I will always notify you in advance by email.

If there is an emergency and I must cancel our appointment last minute, your deposit will be returned or can be put towards another date.


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