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My Origin Story | Part One

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

How my first lesbian experience lead me to sex work.

Grab a seat and buckle up while I tell you the tale of McKenna King and where the whoring and debauchery all began.

It was a summer of new beginnings and bitter endings. I had left an almost 5 year relationship with a man who I had thought I would marry. He wasn’t the first and wouldn’t be the last. But he was the catalyst towards coming into my own independence and embarking on discovering my sexuality.

I lived in a small town - the kind where everyone knows everyone and the gossip mill never ran dry. I left behind my house, most of my possessions, my two precious ginger cats and the man who had taken every last ounce of my patience.

With what I could keep, I moved up the street, less than 4 blocks away to my sister and her husband’s small upstairs apartment. I was left with only my clothes, my bed, a few sentimental possessions and of course the only man who I could always count on; my dog Buddy.

I was very lucky I had somewhere to go. For most of my young adult life I had been forced to jump from relationship to relationship in order to survive and have a roof over my head. My sister and I were always close but never really saw eye to eye on things. But she welcomed me and gave me a safe place to call home while I got back on my feet.

Quickly and maybe too eagerly, I embraced my freedom. I had very little responsibilities at that time. I couldn’t remember what that was like as I had been supporting myself since the age of 16 when I left home, then became a stepmother to a 5 year old at the age of 18. This freedom at 24 was completely foreign to me and I flung myself into every opportunity to explore it; whether for good or worse.

Working two jobs as a personal support worker and then moonlighting as a bartender in our small hole in the wall pub, I was getting all sorts of attention I wasn’t used to. Especially from the bar patrons and the guys from high school who had missed their chance years ago. My confidence soared and I felt attractive for the first time in my life.

One day as I was heading back home from my shift at the bar, my sister’s neighbour waved me down. For the sake of discretion, we’ll call her Kelsey.

Kelsey was the older sister of my high school sweetheart. And while we were never really close we still chatted once in a while.

Kelsey invited me in to catch up over a glass of wine and I accepted the opportunity to hangout.

She had recently divorced her husband and we talked about our past relationships and how we were both doing since leaving our respective partners. The financial struggles but also the newfound freedom we had.

After a few glasses, Kelsey told me about her new boyfriend, she gushed about his great job (import/export and distribution) and how well he looked after her. From the looks of her home, she was doing very well for herself. Much better than most single mothers in our small town. And it didn’t really seem to lineup with the salary of a holistic nutritionist who had just started her own business.

Two bottles of wine later, she tried to teach me some moves on the pole she had professionally installed in her back foyer. I had a 360 degree view of my own embarrassment with the floor to ceiling mirrors that encircled the pole room. She made it look effortless...and incredibly hot.

I was pretty drunk by this point and didn’t want to disturb my sister and her husband by sneaking back home at 3am on a Tuesday morning, and Kelsey refused to let me walk the 20 ft to my place next door anyway.

Instead, she lead me to her room and into her bed.

She kissed me passionately and with an experience I had not expected. She pulled off my top and bra and started licking and sucking on my nipples. I had always been attracted to women, and had only ever kissed a girl once before. But I had never been with s woman who took the lead and initiated it.

She continued to undress me, pulled down my pants and panties and started to kiss my body, working her way down, inch by inch to my panty line, moving lower to my inner thighs, then intently focused on my lips and clit.

She used her fingers and gently rubbed and massaged my clit before she started penetrating me with an intense but gentle force. She knew exactly what she was doing and how to make another woman climax.

Still in disbelief that this was happening… I was too much in my head, and briefly thought of her brother who I had dated so long ago but only ever made it to second base with. Her mother was always very adamant that we had to leave the bedroom door open if I was visiting.

I flushed red thinking it was now his sister taking my girl-on-girl virginity! And embarrassed from even thinking about her brother, while she explored places that he never did.

Honestly and disapointingly, I couldn’t remember if I came, it was so intense and all happened so fast. I think I started to feign sleep because I was just too drunk and too embarrassed by my own inexperience to try and reciprocate the attention she had just given me.

I snuck off in the morning while she was still fast asleep. And we never spoke about it again.

We saw each other not long after. Not once mentioning our passionate night together or acting out of sorts. Kelsey mentioned her boyfriend was back from a work trip and she wanted to introduce him to me as well as their guests who were visiting from out of town. We all hung out around the patio enjoying a nice fire and drinks.

It was that night she told me about how she met her new man.

She told me she had been working at a spa, not your typical spa though. This one offered a very happy ending after a very erotic massage.

She had met him here, and they had instantly hit it off. She obviously left out the part where he was still married with four children...

I was immediately fascinated and probed her with dozens of questions and of course many misconceptions. “Do you have to fuck them?”

“Isn’t this prostitution?” “Where do they cum? And what if you can’t make them cum?” Kelsey gladly obliged my curiosity and told me about the kind of money she had been making, about working as a massage attendant and how all her clients were rich and loved to give her gifts and spoil her! She certainly painted a glamorous picture of the independence and life she now had, with little to no effort! It was easy money if you were a pretty girl who didn’t mind getting naked with strangers.

I had an interview the following week at one of the well known spas in the west end of Ottawa. Funny enough, Kelsey quit the industry about a week after I started (as I found out later) because of the trauma she endured from the owners and bad experiences with clients.

Had I not known Kelsey, I never would’ve become Cassie and then Kingsley or as you all know me now;

McKenna King.

One of my first photoshoots as Cassie - Photo by Gord Weber


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